Mayoral Candidate, Michael Dale Boone

Mayoral Candidate Michael Dale Boone. File Photo.

Mayoral Candidate Michael Dale Boone. File Photo.

CANDIDATE: Michael Dale Boone
Occupation: Competitive Eater
Education: Georgia Tech, Institute of India Technology
Top Issues: Reducing Traffic Congestion, Protecting Taxpayers, Ending Crime
Public Offices Held: None
Campaign Website:

About Dale: As a competitive eater for 16 years, Candidate Michael Dale Boone has appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and The Weakest Link Game Show. He is a graduate of Georgia Tech and earned a graduate degree from the Institute of India Technology.

Since 2000, Boone has served as a television producer for My India TV and is active in the Georgia Indo-American Chamber of Commerce.

Boone is President of the Oakwood Neighborhood Association. Previously, he served as a member of Brookhaven Yes, the Brookhaven Police Commission and East Point GA Parks and Recreation Commission.

Boone also says he is active in the North Metro Georgia Tech Alumni Association.

The Post sent Boone questions so that Voters can get to know Boone better. Here’s what he had to say:

Question 1: Why are you running for Office? I am running for mayor to protect our quality of life by working to reduce traffic congestion, lower taxes and protect our community by addressing the crime that is afflicting Brookhaven.

Question 2: What uniquely separates you from the other candidatesI am the only candidate running that has consistently represented the citizens perspective to the city. As an advocate for homeowners, I have regularly attended city council, zoning, planning commission, development authority, etc. meetings and spoken for and against issues. I have dedicated a large amount of my personal time because I care about the future of our neighborhoods and our city as a whole.

I have stood in the trenches and fought for a balance of quality development and protecting the qualities of Brookhaven that make us a great community. As mayor, I will continue standing strong for every citizen of Brookhaven as opposed to aligning myself with any specific special interest or issue.

Question 3: What is the most pressing issue Brookhaven faces? And how will you solve it? Through increased citizen input and open, transparent government I will fight to protect our character and charm as well as improve public safety–two of the biggest issues facing our community as we continue to face the challenges and opportunities associated with growth.

Question 4: In General, people do not trust Politicians to take promises made during the campaign and actually deliver on them. What one thing are you promising in your campaign that you will absolutely deliver on? Brookhaven is a great place to live, work, raise a family and retire because of its citizens. In order to reach our next level of success, we must invite all citizens and taxpayers to the conversation and embrace a shared vision for our future. As mayor, I pledge to be the most accessible and accountable elected official in the city and to conduct city business in the most open manner possible.

Question 5: Do you believe the City of Brookhaven conducts its business with the highest degree of Ethics and Transparency? I believe we can always do more, perform better and continue improving. My campaign is built around ensuring the City of Brookhaven is accountable and accessible to taxpayers. As Mayor, I will fight to ensure citizens are engaged and at the table for every decision made by the city.

Question 6: Do you believe the City of Brookhaven Government should continue to use vendors for service delivery or do you believe the City itself should employ the staff? Explain. The City of Brookhaven is responsible to taxpayers and has a duty to be a good steward of their hard-earned tax dollars. The City should make decisions that reflect fiscal responsibility and should analyze each decision carefully to determine the appropriate course of action. In many instances, it is more appropriate to utilize a vendor if the cost is lower and the service level will be of benefit to the city. I believe Brookhaven should do this as much as possible for efficiency and to deliver on our promises.

Question 7: Do you believe the City Manager/weak Mayor form of Government is right for Brookhaven? Why? I believe the right form of government is the one that allows for citizen input. Brookhaven is not great because of our government—we are great because of our citizens, and this election is about elected officials being accountable to citizens.

However, I do believe our current form of government is the most appropriate. We have seen the problems with DeKalb County with the CEO position and the absence of a professional manager. We do not need to follow that path in Brookhaven and in fact that model is part of the reason Brookhaven exists.

The most successful counties and cities in our region have the same form of government as Brookhaven. It’s about holding the people we elect accountable, not changing the form of government.